The Georgia Dems are now engaged in a massive effort to make sure that the Democrats who voted Absentee Ballots for Warnock and Ossoff in the Senate runoffs have their votes counted. In thousands of cases, voters have not met Georgia’s requirements for signatures or signature matches and their ballots have been rejected by their county elections offices.  If those voters’ ballots can be “cured” in time, their votes will count. We are in a race against time to cure ballots!

Why is ballot cure canvassing for the GA Senate runoff elections so important?

The margin of victory for Democrats may be slim, making every Democratic vote count.  In the general election, Joe Biden’s margin of victory was fewer than 12,000 votes, fewer votes than the 20,000 Democratic votes that were cured.  Joe Biden would not have won Georgia if Democrats had not worked intensively to cure ballots in October and early November!

How long can voters cure ballots?

The deadline for curing is 5 pm on Friday, Jan. 8th.

How do cure canvassers help voters cure deficiencies in their ballots?

Cure canvassers can use a smart phone to upload and file the necessary affidavits to remedy signature deficiencies. They can do so while talking with voters outside, with everyone wearing masks.

I’m in!  What do I do next?

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